Organic viticulture. Some of the highest vineyards of the Iberian Mountain Range.
Precambrian soils of slate and quartzite.
The age strength in the vineyard gives us balance, freshness and uniqueness.
Hand-harvested, treading, local yeast,
concrete, wood and ceramic.
Our cultivation and production process give us
a smooth red Garnacha perfect for long-life wines.
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The first wine made by Fernando Mora in his Zaragoza flat was called AROM which is his surname backwards. It represents his first symbolic step into the mysterious world of wine in 2008.

In the search for high altitude to achieve fresher wines and conditions that allow for more presice winemaking, Bodegas Frontonio y Bodegas San Alejandro have joined together to fulfill a common dream: to create one of the best garnachas in the world during the next 20 years.

The magic began from the first time we met, bringing together the freshness of Frontonio with the serenity of San Alejandro: Fernando’s speed with Yolanda Díaz’s experience.


When experience and freshness come together, magic emerges. This is the view of the winegrowers who know how to keep the high altitude old vines heritage. The team that makes Cuevas de Arom happen is much more than the visible faces of this beautiful project. A big family that shares its passion for the land, the agriculture, the winemaking and the respect for the past. And its main aim is to create honest wines to show all these.


Altitude and attitude

Some of the highest and oldest vineyards of Calatayud belong to the winegrowers from Bodegas San Alejandro. Alarba, Acered and Murero are the selected areas for this project. Precambrian soils of slate and impossible slopes more than 800 metres high. This is the landscape where Garnacha old vines are planted with other grape varieties that result in unique wines.


Altas Parcelas

Old vines Grenache. Fermentation and ageing in concrete tanks.

Download technical sheet in PDF.

As Ladieras

North facing old vines Grenache. Slate soil.

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Os Cantals

Grenache coming from stony vineyards in high altitude. Slate soil. Trodden grapes.

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Tuca Negra

North facing Grenache slopes. Very old soils. Maximum high altitude. Trodden grapes.

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